To start to write, one must write. To start to knit one must swatch.

I have been knitting for years.  32 years in fact.  Since i was 3.  Yes, now you know my age.  I used to knit flat things, but then something like 15 years ago i knit a sweater.  And it sort of fit.  Then i knit another, and it also sort of fit.  Then i learned that hey, i should maybe swatch.


And i hated it.  With a fiery passion of a thousand burning suns.  But i did it.  And it kinda helped.  My sweaters fit a bit better.


Then i learned that i should wash my swatch.  This in fact changed all the things.  My sweaters fit better.


However, two weeks ago i learned something completely new.  I learned that my knitting is too loose to make sweaters.  And that i could have known that from a gauge swatch.  So, one unraveled Tucci Sweater later… I am starting again.


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