the scariest thing in knitting

This was the final frontier.  The scariest single thing in knitting.  cutting it.  Let me back up though.  See i knit my father a sweater for his birthday this summer.  a fancy cabled vest.  It was a thing of beauty in a chocolaty brown.  However it magically became about 4 inches too big by the time i was done with it.  (remember how i said i needed to pull my stitches tight?  Well, i really really did.  Ah well.

So it was too big, andi do want him to wear it.  So i needed to fix it.  At first i thought i would just redo the seams but… 4 inches.  Then i had 1 day to do it and the problem became much more streamlined.

I took it to the sewing room.  And i used a serger on it.  a SeRGER.  it stitched and cut my fabric.  Cut it.  My knitting.  I may have had a bit of a panic attack there.  But it was actually fine.  The serger in fact anchored all the stitches neatly and the whole thing is now 4 inches narrower.

Maybe i AM brave enough for steeking some day….

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