A Low Budget Agreement

This means that unless your low-budget masterpiece has a real theatrical publication, you owe them money for any TV or cable show, any download on the Internet, every foreign sale and every DVD you`ll ever expect. These abominable agreements were made to respond to the major studios and the way they do business. From a purely administrative point of view, we are independents for SAG a pain in. I am sure they want everyone to walk away and leave. That`s why the Ultra Low Budget Agreement (and other low-budget agreements) say, and should not be reclassified as a Made for Pay or Free Television movie. Otherwise, you could earn some money for all your hard work and money that you paid the actors because the video of your productions would be exposed originally, free money. In fact, if you put a pencil on it, regular SAGs TVs is a better deal for even low-budget independent producers! The first new agreement is the Ultra-Low Budget Agreement (“UPA”). This will completely replace the previous Ultra Low Budget agreement and replace the Special New Media Agreement for non-episodic productions, which are budgeted below $300,000. Some of the UPA`s highlights are: So, like many filmmakers, I was excited when I first heard about SAGs trying to cross the street and work with us. Actors for a hundred dollars a day, relaxing all those stupid rules and regulations, no first-class airfares for actors and more the Ultra Low Budget Agreement seemed like a fantastic idea for productions that were budgeted less than 200K.

The low-budget agreement is only used if requested by the Writer, and the company must also provide the necessary documents and concluding documents for the contract with a weak budget agreement. If the terms and conditions of the agreement are included in a personal agreement, but no additional documents are tabled for the low budget agreement and approved by WGAW, the author will NOT ensure that the low-budget agreement applies to the project. — If you`re interested in ads and updates on low-budget movies, log in to the sagine newsletter. Paragraph 1 of the Ultra Low Budget agreement states in part: A few days before the start of the main photography (if you are the most vulnerable!) Sag`s going to suddenly ask for a $20,000 cash deposit. You don`t have the money and SAG shuts you down. Later, if you`re lucky, maybe you and SAG will negotiate a deal and you can start all over again.

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