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1.126 While there were no specific requirements to report to Parliament or Canadians on the achievement of results in the five environmental agreements, responsible services have, in some cases, used their departmental performance reports to report on international environmental agreements. However, in most cases, the reports focused on departmental activities or initiatives, not on environmental outcomes. We found an exception: with respect to the ozone schedule, Environment Canada provided information in its performance reports on the xenon content of soil in major cities and the concentration of clean air pollutants. International environmental agreements are a category of agreements with political and economic implications that go beyond their environmental impact, but many people do not know their specificities. The search term “What is the Paris Agreement?” reached its climax the day after the United States announced its withdrawal from the treaty. These strategic objectives can only be achieved if a number of important international environmental agreements are actively supported and properly implemented, both at EU and global level. 1.6 In recent years, the federal government has launched a program to improve the effectiveness of public sector management and accountability and is committed to focusing more on results achieved through the use of public funds. In this context, we examined accountability for the results of five international agreements. The purpose of the audit was to determine whether federal governments know to what extent the specific objectives of certain international environmental agreements are being achieved. The themes covered in these agreements are very broad: biodiversity and nature protection, climate change, protection of the ozone layer, desertification, chemical and waste management, cross-border water and air pollution, environmental policy (including impact studies, access to information and public participation), work accidents, maritime and river safety, environmental responsibility. For the data at the bottom of this page, you will find snapshots on environmental agreements, CO2 emissions and renewable energy by country. 1.16 Because international environmental agreements reflect the federal government`s major environmental policy, Canadians should know what has been achieved and what has not been achieved through these agreements. In line with the federal agenda and commitments, we are committed to reviewing accountability for the outcome of some international environmental agreements.

The concept of the environment is broad. Some agreements include a number of environmental protection measures, while others are very specific. The draft database of international environmental agreements divides the agreements into the following environmental categories: 1.103 The issue. Wetlands are one of the main life support systems on Earth and cover about 4% of the planet. They provide critical habitat for many animal and plant species, play an important role in water filtering and supply, and are among the most productive ecosystems in the world. With nearly 150 million hectares of wetlands, Canada is estimated to have about a quarter of the world`s population. 1.13 In Canada, Parliament and Canadians do not always have adequate information on the progress made under our agreements.

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