Yacht Agency Agreement

Once your new brilliant offerings are complete, you can use YOTHA`s sophisticated fleet management tools like the real-time calendar, or even negotiate directly with charterers on behalf of your yacht owners. Wonderful, you noticed that several brokers now list your yacht and they were told that two fly over to see them. Fast forward a few days and you found out that a potential customer cancelled his business trip and flew 8 hours into the economy to see the boat. You are now told that the client has discovered not only that he does not have stabilizers, but that he is not in class (both have been posted on the broker list). Not only does the customer certainly not want to buy the boat, but he has decided to sue you for misrepresenting the ship and subsequent loss of his time, where he could have earned money. Contact us today to contact one of our experienced yacht experts. Yacht brokers work hard to generate interest and inquire about their yacht offerings. They also protect and promote the principles of their customers. Most brokers sign a Central Agency Agreement with the owner/seller, which provides a secure agreement between all parties.

Brokers will also collaborate with most other brokers on a co-brokerage basis. Yacht brokers charge a commission if the yacht is sold, and the amount of the commission would have been set in writing in the central agency`s agreement. When another broker brings a buyer to the table on a co-brokerage arrangement, the total commission is usually shared among brokers. Yacht brokers are a valuable resource to help you buy the yacht or boat of your dreams. As experienced industry experts, they protect your interests and ensure the successful delivery of your ship. YOTHA was developed for industry professionals – centralized activities. Our brokerage platform allows you to list your yachts for free, negotiate offers on behalf of the owner, and then leave us to the heavy administrator. YOTHA uses its own independent contract, which is completely transparent and signed online safely. If we work together, you will save time, visibility and above all more charters. There is really nothing more confusing than seeing what appears to be the same yacht, the same images, the same specifications that are listed by several brokers.

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